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                          Dark Dawn
      Book 1 in the Dark Dawn Series
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Crime Stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

She never knew what was waiting for her… 

As the wife of hot-headed Maui detective Pono Kaihale, devoted mom to their two kids and her high-octane jobs as a nurse and wedding planner have prepared Tiare to handle anything. Or so she she’s always thought. 
Her often difficult Aunty Nalani is a constant nightmare with her history of drug and alcohol addictions and a recent period of homelessness. Unfortunately, Pono can’t stand her so Tiare is often left to deal with her aunt alone. Even Nalani’s twin sister, Kekepania (Keke for short) despairs of her, but now, Nalani seems to finally have her life on track. One rainy morning, tragedy strikes. Keke and her daughter, three-year-old Anuhea vanish. Nalani claims to have no knowledge of her whereabouts. Pono is working hard on a case and doesn’t have time to deal with the aunties’ nonsense. He suggests if Keke is really missing, to file a missing person’s report. Though hurt by her husband’s indifference, Tiare takes his advice and takes the first steps by going into Keke’s house looking for clues. There, she discovers some shocking things about her favorite aunty. Joining forces with Pono’s frequent partner, Lei Texeira, Tiare uncovers a secret plot so sinister it shocks her, and there’s nobody to help her. Her life now at risk, Tiare digs deep to save her aunty and herself. But is she too late? They say it’s darkest before dawn, but for Tiare, dawn just seems to get darker and darker…